As an artist, designer and researcher, Eric has been engaged in making art since he was 12 years old, starting with studying painting in a Fine Arts High School. In his undergraduate studies, he studied movie stage design, painting, drawing, and decorative arts. In his first graduate program Eric concentrated mostly on painting practices, thus, shortly after his graduation he has been accepted as a full member of Romanian Union of Fine Artists. Eric has been actively participating in various art competitions at the local, regional, and international exhibitions. In his second MFA program at Florida Atlantic University, he was introduced to the world of technology and used the latest software to make art. His decision to continue education at a doctoral level helped him to understand better the design process and how visual analogy and concepts may enhance wellbeing and creativity in people and our society in a digital era.

Since 2005, he started to teach fine arts and design courses at the undergraduate and graduate level in several institutions of Higher Education in the US, UK and Italy.

          His artworks are a sort of diaries of his perception of the world. Drawing, and in particular sketching, is the way of generating thoughts for his paintings. Eric’s work deals with the relations and ambiguities between observational objectivity as a process of transformations and perceptual presentation of an idea.

          His research interests are in visual arts, visual analogies, creative problem solving, creativity and visual perception, psychology of pictorial representation, and design by analogy.



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